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Fresh Ginger and Green Tea Candle

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About the Candle

  • Cruelty-free, handmade vegan soy wax candle - no harmful paraffin! also created for the scent to actually last once lit! 
  • Melts evenly! No more tunnelled, wasted wax or tons of black smoke on your walls!
  • Hand-poured by The Good Aura Company's Founder, Lucy in the UK  
  • Every single lid is unique and hand-painted so are slightly different, so every candle is different and beautifully finished. Each glass base is moulded individually and hand-painted. Our candles are 10cm tall and 8.5cm wide. 
  • Burns for 48 hours!

    About the Scent

    Strongest Notes: 

    Green tea, Ginger

    Blended With:

    Citrus notes of grapefruit and mandarin in our own distinctive, unique blend

    Perfect For

    Being lit whilst in the morning during your shower, or as you're getting ready to invigorate you. Perfect for those who prefer a clean scent to motivate them to stay damn focused during your meditation practice. 

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