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Champagne & Strawberries Candle

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 About the Candle

  • Cruelty-free, handmade vegan soy wax candle - no harmful paraffin! also created for the scent to actually last once lit! 
  • Melts evenly! No more tunnelled, wasted wax or tons of black smoke on your walls!
  • Hand-poured by The Good Aura Company's Founder, Lucy in the UK  
  • Every single lid is unique and hand-painted so are slightly different, so every candle is different and beautifully finished. Each glass base is moulded individually and hand-painted. Our candles are 10cm tall and 8.5cm wide.
  • Burns for 48 hours!

    About the Scent

    Strongest Notes: 

    Champagne, Strawberry and Vanilla

    Blended With:

    Raspberry, Leaf Green and Red Roses in our own distinctive, unique blend

    Perfect For

    That friend who's just a bit extra, or maybe you want to add some lushness to your day-to-day? say hello to our Champagne & Strawberries scent. It's a bit different from our others but is perfect for any candle shy individual, or if you want more of a lighter scent to fill your home. 

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